Consultant battles ransomware with Mozy

Cyberthreats are a major concern within the marketplace and for his clients. “In the past two years, Mickler & Associates has helped recover data for 11 clients, data loss that was attributed to cybercrime,” Russell Mickler says.

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Sleuth recovers stolen laptop with clues from Mozy

"Even though Mozy is remote storage, it’s actually the easiest to navigate when you need to recover things. I thought it would be my last line of defense, but it turns out that it was the first," Paul C. says.

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Sinu IT Service

Sinu IT Service works with Mozy to grow its business.

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Mozy Helps Beth Lutz Recover From a House Fire

Watch a video about Beth Lutz's Mozy story.

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Keith Roberts' Mozy Story

Watch a video about Keith Roberts' Mozy story.

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Flight 1549 Survivor's Waterproof Solution

"It would have literally taken me months to replicate or replace the data I lost. Mozy is a source of comfort..."

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ORAM's Mozy Story

Watch a video about ORAM's Mozy story.

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Agilysys Secures Dozens of Locations Worldwide with MozyEnterprise

"Agilysys, a leading provider of IT solutions, has enjoyed hassle-free backup protection in the Mozy cloud since 2008. Based in Solon, Ohio with many office locations worldwide, Agilysys has hundreds of employees who use MozyEnterprise to protect their desktop and laptop computers..."

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Balcony Restaurant Group Orders Cloud Backup Service with a Smile

"We don't have a large corporate office, and we look for every opportunity to minimize the effort and people it takes to run our business so we can use our time more productively..."

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Community bank finds simplicity, quality and lower costs in MozyPro online backup

"The simplicity of Mozy is great for a small business, but the features are so enabling and well- designed that Mozy is ideal for larger companies as well. The quality of product for an affordable rate is unmatched..."

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CTO of Financial Services Company Saves Thousands through Switch to Online Backup

"Thanks to MozyPro, I now have more time to concentrate on higher-level business operations..."

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Mozy Delivers Data Security to Dynamex

"We wanted something that didn't require our users to be in an office or on a VPN to use. Cloud services offered the ability to keep our users continually backed up..."

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eVerge Group Secures Nationwide Consulting Organization in the Cloud

"Mozy doesn't require a lot of administration, which is nice when there's one IT manager for 137 employees..."

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Mozy Keeps Hope Alive for Legacy Counseling Center

"I was surprised by the high level of customer service—it wasn't just canned answers, or directing me to the website. I had someone continually interested in helping me get what I needed..."

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Lyreco Secures Hundreds of Mobile Users in the Cloud

"Lyreco, a worldwide office products distributor based in Marly, France, has a number of on-the-go field managers with little time to manage external tape or disk backups to secure their data. As a result, the company operated with no official backup solution, which exposed Lyreco to significant risks and losses..."

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Mozy Helps Pelindaba Lavender Rise from the Ashes

"MozyPro made our recovery a cut-and-dried process, and it ran so consistently that we never needed to worry about losing our data..."

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Ballincollig Credit Union Puts its Trust in Mozy

"Ballincollig Credit Union (BCU) is a financial co-operative owned and controlled by its members and run for their profit and benefit. Run by and for the community, Ballincollig Credit Union has approximately 15,000 members..."

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Lightning Strike Moves Web-Development Business to Find Online Backup Provider

"My customers would not be happy about waiting three months. They don’t like to wait even three days for their information..."

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Pest Equipment Maker Keeps Data Clean and Healthy with MozyPro

"Backups take longer with Carbonite. MozyPro seems more industrial-strength, and gets the job done every night..."

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Accounting Firm Switches Online Backup Provider, Increases Ease of Use and Peace of Mind with MozyPro

"I would recommend Mozy to any business because it meets all the important criteria for a business to feel confident their data is secure. It is off-site, automatic, and gives quality protection at an affordable price..."

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Accounting firm switches to online backup, increases security and reduces costs by 84%

"Our previous solution required a major cash outlay for the high cost of the software and time spent on maintenance.... The price of Mozy and need to merely glance at the backups once a week solidified that it was the correct choice..."

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Traveling consultant switches to online backup just months before catastrophe

"I was really fortunate to have switched to MozyPro when I did. Without it, I would have lost valuable information..."

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Saber Technologies

Saber Technologies recommends MozyPro

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An Author's Heartfelt Proposal

"Due to Mozy's archive feature, I was able to recover the exact novel I had worked on the day before, saved about 20 minutes before my computer crashed, and so lost absolutely nothing in the crash. Marry me, Mozy. I'll love you forever."

—Kirby Crow

Donna Saffren restores an irreplaceable photo.

"It was heartbreaking to lose it. But then I realized that I should check Mozy. And it was so simple—the original photo was right there, waiting for me to restore it!"

—Donna Saffren

I wish I'd had Mozy.

"When I upgraded to a new machine, I destroyed the old hard drive with a hammer so it couldn't be used again. Then I realised I destroyed the wrong one.... Now I back up all my data with Mozy."

—Jonathan N., North London

Russell Solutions

As a technology reseller, Russell Solutions is proud to offer MozyPro backup solutions.

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Swearingen Realty Group

Reliable, automated backup every two hours gives realtor peace of mind.

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Snohomish Fire Station

MozyPro's simple Admin Console, hassle-free product saves time for fire station chief.

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Premier Law Group

Law firm moves to the cloud with MozyPro.

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West Beverly Podiatry Group Runs to Cloud Backup

MozyPro has helped West Beverly Podiatry bounce back in under 20 minutes from data lost in power outages, and restored a 90 gigabyte database with minimal disruption in client services.

Midtown Montessori

Mozy protects Midtown Montessori from small calamities as well as large data losses.

Tennessee Employees Credit Union

Tennessee Employees Credit Union stays lean and secure with cloud backup.

Marketingagentur aus Herborn entscheidet sich für MozyPro

Für das Backup seiner Firmendaten vertraut der mittelhessische Unternehmer auf das gleichermaßen innovative Medium Cloud: betriebswichtige Firmeninformationen sichert Schäfer über MozyPro und ist damit nicht länger auf zeitaufwändige Backup-Routinen angewiesen.

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"Wir arbeiten ausschließlich papierlos"

Die Qualität der Produkte steht dabei immer im Mittelpunkt. Aber auch eine schnelle und unkomplizierte Auftragsabwicklung ist von Vorteil. Dafür setzt das Unternehmen aus dem schwäbischen Althengstett auf ein elektronisches Dokumentenmanagementsystem. Damit diese Daten immer verfügbar sind, baut der Spezialist für Klebetechnik auf eine Online-Backup-Lösung von Mozy.

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