Automated online backup protects company data, safeguards valuable information and stores personal memories

Munich, November 9, 2010 – Mozy™, the world’s most trusted online backup service, from EMC Corporation (NYSE:EMC), is available for the first time as a German language service from November 2010. The company offers two services: MozyPro™ allows businesses to back up their sensitive information to secure EU-based data centres for retrieval should data be lost as a result of fire, theft, flooding, or something as innocent as a spilled coffee on the keyboard or a laptop left on a train. In the event of data loss, MozyPro allows businesses to quickly resume their activities, meaning companies and jobs are protected. MozyHome™ allows individuals to back up valuable files, such as digital photos, music collections, and financial documents online for safekeeping.

Mozy’s new offering for its German customers includes a German language website, customer support in German, European data centres and billing in Euro. All the information about the service can be found on Mozy’s German website:


MozyPro was developed to meet the needs of businesses and includes features such as phone-based technical support and server backup. MozyPro users also have access to a web-based administrative console where the software may be configured, deployed and centrally managed from a single location. Configuration options include when to back up, which files to back up and how much bandwidth to utilize during the backup process. Mozy offers flexible pricing plans and costs are based on the number of computers and amount of data being backed up.


MozyHome is free when backing up less than 2GB of data or costs 4.99 Euro per month to back up an entire computer. Backup preferences can be easily set with just a few clicks and, subsequently, backups will run automatically in the background.

Double the protection

2xProtect from Mozy allows customers to create a local copy of their files at the same time as backing up to the Internet. Users simply select an external hard drive, USB drive or NAS share that they want to backup to and Mozy does the rest. This not only provides double protection for data, it also enables faster restores.

Playing it safe

At Mozy, data security is not just all about protecting sensitive information from data loss. The use of strict encryption technologies makes data phishing and theft pointless. Before private or company information is sent to one of the Mozy data centres, it is encrypted, either with the customer’s own 256-bit AES-key or a 448-bit Blowfish key generated by Mozy. The data is transmitted via an SSL data connection, the same encryption used in online banking. Mozy customers benefit from the same degree of security employed for the transmission of military data.

Successful business model

Mozy’s online backup solutions have been on the market in the USA since 2005 and, since 2010, have been available in Great Britain, Ireland and France. One million consumers world wide use Mozy’s backup solution. With over 60,000 business customers, Mozy also has a substantial SME customer base. The number of business customers world wide that have chosen Mozy backup services increased by over 40 percent over the past year.

About Mozy

Mozy is the world's most trusted provider of data access and backup for consumers and businesses, with more than six million customers, including 100,000 business users and more than 90 petabytes of information stored at its multiple data centers around the globe. Mozy was acquired by EMC Corporation in 2007 and operates as part of Mozy International Limited, an EMC company. More information can be found at