Local and cloud backup: Two birds with one stone*

A complete backup strategy

Mozy 2xProtect™ automatically backs up files locally to an external drive, just in the same way that Mozy also backs up those same files to the Mozy cloud so you get double the protection for your important information.

Back it up at the speed of light (almost)

With local backup, you’ll be able to back up large amounts of data quickly—usually within minutes.

Mozy 2.2, easier and faster than ever

Mozy 2.2 prepares files up to 75 percent faster than previous versions and transfers up to 25 percent faster. Its easy-to-use interface allows you to pause the process. It also displays how many files have backed up and how many are left, so you can verify that files are stored securely.

Come and get it

What are you waiting for? Sign up for Mozy* today and back up your data locally and online.

*Windows users only

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