The threats to your business are real

Ransomware and other forms of malware are on the rise, with more and more businesses being attacked each week. Mozy provides you and your business with a second line of defence against ransomware attacks. By keeping up to one year of file versions, Mozy allows you to restore files from any point in time prior to the attack, meaning that your files are accessible when you need them most.

Peace of mind in the event the bad guys strike

Malware is prevalent and more sophisticated than ever. When a file or other data is held for ransom, the affected organisation must either meet the financial demands of the perpetrator or relinquish its data. Fortunately, Mozy offers a second line of defence against ransomware, saving your business money and the stress of having to negotiate with criminals.

FAQ: Ransomware and Mozy

Q. What is ransomware?

A. Ransomware is a form of malicious software designed to either block access to a computer system or encrypt a user’s files or other data.

Q. Why should I be concerned about ransomware?

A. Ransomware is a growing threat; in fact, there are literally millions of new malware variants each year. You must have a plan in place to combat this form of cybercrime.

Q. How is ransomware propagated?

A. Ransomware gains access to a computer system via the network’s weakest link, which is typically a user’s email or social networking site.

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