Jump to light speed

So you need to back up your servers? That’s a lot of information. Luckily for you, however, Mozy Data Shuttle™ is fast. How fast? Well, compared to pushing a few hundred gigabytes over the Web, we’re talking really fast.

We will overnight you a Data Shuttle device, which you’ll use to perform your initial backup. When you are finished with your backup, simply put the Shuttle back in its box and ship it to our data center. And the best part: incremental backups can begin following the initial backup to the Shuttle, even before it arrives at the Mozy data centre. Like we said, it’s fast.

Shields at maximum

Mozy takes your data seriously. Before your Data Shuttle leaves your premises, we divert all power to shields and get to work protecting your files. When you perform an initial backup, Mozy will encrypt your data using either a Mozy default key or personal key of your choice. Mozy also generates a second encryption key to encrypt your data a second time before transferring anything to the Shuttle.

That’s a lot of encryption, but then again, you’ve got a lot of data worth protecting. The second encryption key is transmitted to a central repository via SSL and is destroyed after the data is successfully stored in our data centre. As always, your data is stored in its encrypted state to keep it secure.

Shuttle pricing and availability

The Mozy Data Shuttle service is based on the size of the seed per machine backed up. Mozy Data Shuttle is available to MozyPro and MozyEnterprise customers, and Mozy Authorised Resellers. For more information or to order your Data Shuttle device, call us at 1800 456 699.

Size of server        Total price
1.8 TB - 1 Shuttle device   € 199
3.6 TB - 2 Shuttle devices   € 299
5.4 TB - 3 Shuttle devices   € 349
7.2 TB - 4 Shuttle devices  € 449

* Data Shuttle not available for Linux servers at this time